Sublime & The Toyes

Most people will tell you that they became aware of "Smoke Two Joints" through Bradley Nowell and Sublime's influential version. Bradley himself had happened upon the song and recorded it before he knew The Toyes or their music. What most people don't know is that Mawg and Bradley had planned to perform together ...

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The Skinny on Smoke Two Joints

Have you found yourself humming "Smoke Two Joints" and wondered how that tune came to be? Wonder no more! As best as we can remember, here's the true story...

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The Toyes

The Toyes, with recent additions Brian Rogers and Johnny Trujillo, began recording their latest album Anchovy Picnic over a year ago and have captured the same magic of "Smoke Two Joints" and "Pick Yourself Up" among many many others. The album, while a departure from the whimsical nature of their last release, Strange Animals, retains much of that spirit now coupled with an edgier sound intended to pack a punch - and boy does it deliver!

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My Green Doctor

Have you ever heard a song and wondered at its origin? On a recent photo shoot for the upcoming album and website release, The Toyes gathered at a local green doctor's grow-space in a forest of 15-foot and taller bushes (or trees) of the stickiest of the icky, the greenest of the green healing machines. Anchovy Picnic's "No One Left to Bust" points out the insanity of treating us all like a nation of criminals.

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Wishes & Dreams

B-dub and Mawg have been performing together for more than 25 years and it shows.  Chemistry on stage and off drive this dynamic duo's creativity to new heights on the Anchovy Picnic album, delivering a moving combination of rhythm, music, soul and heart.

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Smoke Two Joints

A Letter from Bradley Nowell of Sublime

The cover of Smoke 2 Joints...

When Bradley Nowell of Sublime killed himself with chemicals he was on the verge of realizing his lifelong dream of worldwide recognition of his music and his talent. He had a new bride, a beautiful baby boy, a great band and huge financial rewards ahead. As with all who die young, Brad Nowell left far too little of himself behind. That's why we're sharing with you the following letter Mawg got from Brad. It is handwritten on both sides of two sheets of ruled white paper torn from a spiral notebook. The spelling, etc. are exactly as Brad wrote.

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One Fine Fall Day in Hawaii

The Origins of the Smoke 2 Phenomenon...

One fine fall day on a small island in the Pacific, Mawg & his brother Sky were sitting under a big old banyan tree on Kuhio Beach, toking on some sweet Kona bud and jamming on a rootsy reggae groove. This was the scene of the origin of Smoke 2 Joints. And you might have asked yourself; Why Two? For our answer,

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