The Toyes are an American Reggae/Rock band originally based on Oahu, now living in Grants Pass, Oregon. Their guitar-heavy style has been described as a "cross between Bob Marley and Barenaked Ladies." They are perhaps most famous as the original songwriters and recorders of the song "Smoke Two Joints". It was originally recorded in 1983, and was re-released on their 1996 debut album The Toyes. An influential version was recorded by the band Sublime; the song has since been mistakenly attributed to them or to Bob Marley.

Guitar, Vocals

I was born Jean-Christophe Kay in New York, New York on March 15, 1955, the first American-born child of my French mom and Russian/Egyptian dad ...   More

Guitar, Vocals

I guess I’m what you’d call a “lifer” in that I’ve never done anything but play music for a living, with the exception of a short stint as a waitress when I was fifteen ...   More

Bass, Vocals

Johnny is a bass player, vocalist, songwriter and music arranger from Southern Oregon who has been performing with The Toyes for the past six years.   More

Drums, Percussion

Brian crossed paths with The Toyes right around the time when he was inducted into the SAMMIES Hall of Fame at age 23.   More

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