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Johnny Trujillo

Howdy …  I'm Johnny Trujillo, the newest member of the band. My duties are to play bass guitar, sing back up vocals and to provide my equal share of the good humor and good vibes that make The Toyes ... "The Toyes". My musical path actually crossed with Mawg's about a b'jillion years ago when we were both young guns carving out our way in the City of the Angels. Now, all these years later, in a small town in Southern Oregon, we have synchronistically reconnected and here we are. The music produced by Mawg and B-dub is both fun and challenging to play and is easily the most gratifying music project on my plate. I play in other bands in the beautiful and splendid valley we call call home, but what can I say? Original music - and great original music - is "simply the best" as Tina likes to say.

I've been singing and playing music for as long as I can remember and much longer even than that! Like many of my generation, I decided I wanted to be a musician after watching The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show on my grainy black and white TV. But still it was an event I'll never forget. Most of us have listed in our bios the 5 albums we would want if we were stranded on a deserted island. I think we all have a Beatles album or two in there and there are a few reasons for that: We all share a common vision of what great music is and how we like to play it. And who doesn't love The Beatles? It's been my pleasure to play music with people who I deeply love and respect.

Aside from music and friendship, my passions are chasing the sun and warm sandy beaches, with great seafood and cold beers and good tequila. I'll bet I'm not the only one who likes that. I've been known to play a little poker online and, even though I left Los Angeles years ago, I still live and die with the Lakers and the Dodgers!

I hope you enjoy our new Toyes CD, "Anchovy Picnic". It was a blast to record and will be even more fun to get out there and play these tunes for you LIVE. See you on the road!

Equipment Used:

When I play with The Toyes depending on venue, my set up is most likely: Fender Precision Bass, an old stand-by Ibanez Roadstarll with custom built external pre-amp Gallien-Krueger 800RB Peavey cab with 18" and 2 10"

Top 5 CDs:

White Album (The Beatles)
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John)
Gaucho (Steely Dan)
Zenyatta Mondatta (The Police)
Houses of the Holy (Led Zeppelin)

Johnny Gallery

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