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The debut from this Oregon-based reggae band shows lots of promise. It's got that slightly ragged, self-released sound about it, but all the necessary ingredients are there: intelligent, often funny lyrics, hooky melodies, ponderous basslines. The Toyes' signature tune seems to be the whimsical "Two Joints" ("I smoke two joints in times of peace/And two in times of war/I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints/And then I smoke two more"). It begins the program, and the album ends with two more versions, one in Spanish and one in French. In between there's a spectacular reggae version of "Freebird" and a hilarious sendup of the old novelty tune "Monster Mash," rewritten and dubbed (as it were) "Monster Hash." Among the fine originals are "Wake Up (And Smell the Java)" and "Late Night Bozos," which takes on Leno and Letterman. The bandleader is a guy named Mawg who has a great voice and an incisive, smart-alecky sense of humor. The band kicks consistently and hard. Get these guys into a good studio and they'll make some major noise.

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"The Toyes" Liner Notes

Smoke Two Joints (C. Kay, M. Kay)
(Alice Collins & Romalew Varant) © Duchess Musc Corp (BMI) / Longitude Music Co (BMI)
Hey Uncle Sam (Leave Us Pot Smokers Alone)
(B. Wishes & C. Kay)
The Lucky Sperm Club
(B. Wishes & C. Kay & R. Grossman)
Blues Line
(B. Wishes & C. Kay)
Wake Up
(And Smell The Java) (B. Wishes & C. Kay)
Late Night Bozos
(B. Wishes & C. Kay)
Something Went Down In Jerusalem
(B. Wishes & C. Kay)
Listen To The Radio
(C. Kay & M. Kay)
I Come From The Islands
(B. Wishes & C. Kay)
Sing To Me Tonight
(B. Wishes & C. Kay)
Nobody Home
(B. Wishes & C. Kay)
What's So Bad About A Nipple
(B. Wishes & C. Kay)
Monster Hash
(Leonard Capizzi & Robby Dickett) A loving parody of Monster Mash
© Acoustic Music, MC (BMI) / Capizzi Music Co (BMI) / Gary S. Patin Productions, Inc (BMI)
Dos Leños
(C. Kay & M. Kay)
Fume Deux Joints
(C. Kay & M. Kay) Produced by Chris Kay and Beth Wishes

"Smke Two Joints" and translations produced by Chris Kay and Sky Kay

The Toyes are:

Mawg - Vocals, Guitars
Sky - Bass
B-Dub - Keys, Guitars
Hux - Percussion, Drums
Rags - Keys

(Everyone sings backups and pounds on things)

Thanks to Ricci Accardi - Drums on "Smoke Two Joints"

"Dos Leños" translation by José Barragán

Recorded and mixed by Chris and Beth, except for "Smoke 2 ... " and translations also recorded by Ed Roy and submitted by Don Ross

Mastered by Bernie Grundman at his place.

Thanks to:

Everyone at KROQ, especially Native Wayne Jobson (all the best, Wayne!), Dr. Demento and Dementoids everywhere (stay demented!), The People of Hawaii (don't you think it's time we gave them back their islands?), John Grappone, Austin Goosey, Sublime, The Folks at BNG Music, Ira Selsky, Bob Keller, Bush Doktor, Papa Pilgrim, Jay Levy, Bocahman Kellener, Gaelyn Larrick, Steve Lang.

Extra huge thanks to: Zachary Magic Kay, Paulette Kay, Carol Durr, Bob Durr, Rick Grossman, David Bolen, Mike Sidone.

Peace & Love to All!

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