Leave Us Pot Smokers Alone Lyrics

(Hey Uncle Sam) Leave Us Pot Smokers Alone

(B. Wishes & C. Kay)
© 1996 Wishes & Dreams Music (ascap)
administered by Bug Music
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The murderers keep murderin
The churches keep a burnin
The rapists keep a rapin
And the tide ain't turnin
Uncle Sam for all your power
Things get worse every hour
It seems to me your energies
Are wasted chasin my friends and me

So hey, Uncle Sam
Leave us pot smokers alone
Uncle Sam
Leave us pot smokers alone

The terrorists keep terrorizin
Our leaders keep a lyin
The haters keep a hatin
And the planet's dyin

Uncle Sam, do what's proper
Call off your dogs and your helicopters
The problems of society
Were not caused by my friends and me


How many innocent people gonna be imprisoned
We're just peace lovin spleef puffin brotherhood freaks
A touch of Mother Nature never made nobody violent
Never made nobody hate nobody or break nobody's peace

It's never been shown to be harmful don't you tell me no lies
With your caffeine codeine nicotine eyes
The cannabis ban is just recent just since 1938
Relegalize it. Realize it. You made a big mistake



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